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IotaWatt USA Bundle

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IotaWattTM is an open-hardware 14 channel WiFi connected AC electric power monitor.

This bundle is tailored for the USA users (see 'includes' section below)

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It's based on the ESP8266 IoT platform using MCP3208 12 bit ADCs to sample AC voltage and current at high sample rates. Data is saved locally to the on-board SD card and (optionally) posted online to Emoncms.org or another Emoncms server e.g. emonPi. On-board data storage ensures no data-loss in the event of network failure. If network is lost data saved locally will be bulk-uploaded to Emoncms when connectivity is restored.

The IotaWatt is configured via a web-interface, see online demo: iotawatt.com


USA bundle Includes 

  • IotaWatt tm - fully assembled & tested
  • 8 GB on-board SD card 
  • AC-AC voltage sensor adaptor
  • 5V DC Micro-USB power adaptor & Micro-USB cable
  • 2 x 200A max Clip-on CT (SCT019 / EC25 )  - for split-phase main breakers
  • 2 x 100A max Clip-on CT (SCT013)- e.g Solar inverter, subpanel-feeds, large appliances e.g. Water Heater, Oven, Dryer, WellPump
  • Wall-mount bracket 


  • 14 x single-phase AC current sense (CT) channels
  • 1 x AC VRMS Channel
  • Compatible with multiple types of CT sensors and AC-AC voltage sensor adaptor
  • Local SD card logging 
  • WiFi connected to post to Emoncms / InfluxDB
  • Sample rate: 35-40 channels per second
  • Voltage (VRMS), Power (W) and Energy (kWh) logged to local SD card every 5s
  • On-board Real-time-clock (RTC) with battery backup
  • Web-config interface config
  • Secure automatic OTA firmware updates  
  • 5V Micro USB power supply
  • Wall mountable 

  • Open-source / hardware
  • CE certified
  • RoHs compliant 


The IotaWatt has been designed by Bob Lemaire (@overeasy) in collaboration with OpenEnergyMonitor. 







Getting Started



To obtain IotaWatt support or report a bug please either: 

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